Ni-MH SC Batteries

Product Number:REF: KAN-NIMH-SC-3600mAh

product description:

KAN Ni-MH SC Batteries offer the best performance and stability with strong power and high discharge rate. It can supply with long cycle life, reliable security and can be worked in extreme temperature environment.

KAN Battery ModelsNominal Capacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)Dimension (Height*Diameter) (mm)Approx Weight (g)
SC 150015001.243*22.332
SC 180018001.243*22.338
SC 200020001.243*22.341
SC 250025001.243*22.346
SC 300030001.243*22.353
SC 360036001.243*22.359
SC 4000400001.243*22.364
SC 450045001.243*22.369.5
SC 480048001.243*22.370
SC 500050001.243*22.371
4/5SC 220022001.233.5*22.341
Please let us know if you have other capacity or specifications required