Ni-MH 2/3A Batteries

Product Number:REF: KAN-NIMH-2/3A-1400mAh

product description:

KAN Ni-MH 2/3A batteries generate the advantage of AA and SC batteries, and mostly show its great influence in RC transmiters, speakers, sounders, alarm devices, etc.

KAN Battery ModelsNominal Capacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)Dimension (Height*Diameter) (mm)Approx Weight (g)
2/3A 110011001.228.5*1720
2/3A 130013001.228.5*1721
2/3A 140014001.228.5*1722
2/3A 160016001.228.5*1723
4/5A 200020001.242.5*1731
Please let us know if you have other capacity or specifications required