Ni-MH AA Batteries

Product Number:REF: KAN-NIMH-AA-2500mAh

product description:

KAN Ni-MH AA series batteries are much seen in the market as house using and daily life applications. WIth its advantages of long storage time, stable discharge performance and long working time, KAN AA batteries gain lots of fame by our customers in the fields of home remote controlers, lighting dedices, mini electronics, speakers, industrial electronics, etc.

KAN Battery ModelsNominal Capacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)Dimension (Height*Diameter) (mm)Approx Weight (g)
AA 3003001.250*14.321
AA 4004001.250*14.322
AA 5005001.250*14.323
AA 6006001.250*14.323
AA 120012001.250*14.326.2
AA 140014001.250*14.326.2
AA 160016001.250*14.326.2
AA 180018001.250*14.326.2
AA 200020001.250*14.326.2
AA 230023001.250*14.326.2
AA 250025001.250*14.328.5
AA 270027001.250*14.328.5
2/3AA 3003001.229.5*14.313
2/3AA 4004001.229.5*14.313.5
2/3AA 5005001.229.5*14.314
2/3AA 6006001.229.5*14.315
3/5AA 6006001.225*14.314.5
LSD- Low Self-Discharge Series
Please let us know if you have other capacity or specifications required